When I founded DXZ, our first office was a coworking space. As we've grown, we've relocated spaces and moved to our own offices, but DXZ has stayed the same. Our passion for creating the good, true, and beautiful through design thinking has pushed us to new possibilities in the work we do for our clients. Entering 2015, we wanted to push ourselves further. 

This meant breaking out of the norm and exploring new places and ways to work. Our creative and entrepreneurial community in Dallas is strong, and we wanted to get in the thick of it all.

We decided a tour of coworking spaces in Dallas was in order. We would take the month of December 2014 and visit eight coworking spaces in Dallas, stopping at each one for two days before moving to the next. Our goals are to: meet new people in the Dallas coworking environmentestablish new relationships and partnerships for our workget involved in community and coworking events ("An attitude of 'give before you take'" - Trey Bowles), and kickstart our inspiration and idea building.

We're calling it 8 spaces in 31 days. Follow us on our coworking journey.


  • We are going to work from eight different spaces over the 31 days of December in the Dallas area.


  • Meet new dynamic, entrepreneurial people
  • Create new partnerships
  • Highlight the accessibility and value of the coworking community
  • Tease out our own ideas of work and community


  • We are fortunate enough to get to tour 8 awesome spaces in December:
  • The Grove
  • The Garage
  • The DEC
  • Addison Treehouse
  • Common Desk
  • NōD Coworking
  • The Joule
  • Dallas / Fort Work

- John Backes