We knew getting back into the Dallas coworking community would be a breath of fresh air. But the injection of life we’ve experienced goes beyond anything we expected.

This community is flourishing.

We’ve seen some old faces. And met some new ones. In every one of them we’ve seen the enthusiasm of building something original and the support of a community that believes in one another.

If there’s one joy of coworking, it’s this: that we are here together, reaching for something new, expectant of the future, and excitedly ushering it in for all of us to share.

The two spaces we perched in last week were: 

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center …or more affectionately, The DEC

This space is close to home for us. Because it was our home. When we first moved from the outskirts of Dallas to the core, this space gave us our start.

The DEC made a move after we took to our own space and now resides in the West End. Generation I DEC, which we were a part of, was impressive. Generation II DEC is an incredible extension of its founders’ vision. 

The exposed brick and concrete floors of the space give it an organic feeling. That sense of growth couldn’t be more appropriate to its activities. Hosting an evening event both the Monday and Tuesday we were there, The DEC is a clear rallying point for the talent pools of Dallas. A well-rooted foundation for anyone to build from.

Plus, you can’t beat walking into the office and finding art from Gaping Void all over the walls.

Dallas Fort Work

Despite its appearance as the newest coworking space in Downtown Dallas, Fort Work and DXZ go way, way back. Our company was born in the original Fort Work space in North Dallas. 

Wednesday and Thursday of last week we got a full taste of the new Fort Work. And it’s even more satisfying than the cup of craft coffee you can brew in the space’s corner. 

The space at 211 Ervay St in downtown has quite a bit of finish out left, but if the course holds, this is going to be a world-class coworking space in every way. An endearing minimalism defines the space and gives it a technology-rich vibe. Combined with the massively open work area, you can't help but feel a sprightliness in the air. Fort Work seems primed to be the bastion of the evening warrior whose creativity doesn't end at 6pm.

All not to mention that Dallas Fort Work comes equipped with the Usain Bolt of internet connections: a recorded 230mbps down/up over wifi and a reported full-gigabit over ethernet. Go ahead. Put those raw video files on dropbox.


Every space in this community seems filled with an air of inspiration. And being in it for any more than a day, you can’t help but take a breath of it yourself.  

As the Christmas holidays loom and push deadlines ever closer, there couldn’t be anything more welcome right now than the crisp, refreshing coworking air.